Embedded shop

Earn income from your Guide.

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The embedded shop

Your guide can be configured to provide a mobile shop. On every page the central icon in the navigation bar shows the shop icon. When the shop contains an item relevant to the page the icon turns red, as shown on the left.

With Cilogi guides you can include a shop on any site, even where there are not the resources for a physical shop.

The ability to link items for sale directly with the visitor's experience of the site, and the items within it can make for a compelling shopping experience.

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Item pages

Item pages should contain a description (this one does not, so we can fit in the buttons) which links to the text on the related item page, and to the environment in which visitors finds themselves.

If you can provide visitors with a compelling story linking the item to be purchased with the item they are viewing and their immediate environment you make the visitor's experience of the shop pleasurable, and an enhancement o their visit.

We work on the assumption that a shop will perform best, with the highest return if it contains a relatively small number of targeted items, rather than a comprehensive collection. This approach is simpler in a mobile environment where space and attention is limited.

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Shop integration

There are many ways of integrating the shop with your existing E-Commerce activities. The default setting sells via Amazon for two reasons. First, it is possible to use Fulfilment by Amazon to provide payment processing and shipment for even the smallest organisation, and secondly many UK consumers already have an Amazon account so there is no need for visitors to input credit card and address information. The requirement for this information to be input reduces the number of sales hugely on mobile devices.